Spring 2021
Brand Identity
This project was done for Brand Identity class under the supervision of Richard Rose. We were each given our own random museum to redesign, mine was a bug museum.

The motivation that came from this was after extensive research, I learned that all bugs have symmetry. I wanted to stray away from the idea that bugs are all creepy crawly and dirty. I got the color inspiration from some of the most colorful beetles.


Spring 2021
Brand Identity
This project was done for Brand Identity class under the supervision of Richard Rose. For my campaign, I chose to create a brand that would focus on sex positivity, which includes could include topics like masturbating, “Free the Nipple” movement, the Me Too movement, rape culture, and more.


Wintersession 2021
Apparel, Screenprint, Embroidery
This was an independent study project advised by Jim Drain. The most challenging part of this ISP was that I had to work from home.

This piece was about self growth and understanding of myself and my past. I wanted to focus on storytelling and represent a piece that would be like a journaling piece. I represented this in a traditional Korean Hanbok. The act of opening and closing the skirt would represent flipping a page of a book. Much of the imagery that was represented in this piece is inspired off of baby photos and Korean symbols.


Spring 2020
Information Design
This project was made to organize information collected on Cameroon data. There are information such as population density, history, imports, and exports.

This project was designed under the guidance of Doug Scott in his Mapping Information Design class.


Spring 2020
Information Design
This project was called “Process,” with the objective of showing the process of how something works or how something is made through means of displaying it through design. I chose to show how a harmonica is made and how it is played.

This project was made under the guidance of Doug Scott.


Eunice is a recent graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design. She is an interdisciplinary designer, with interests in brand identity, screen printing, apparel, painting, textiles, typography, collage, and illustration. When she’s not designing, she’s usually making music with friends or daydreaming of owning a small screenprinting shop. Eunice is eager to learn new things, and is always trying to expand new ways of thinking into her work, such as working more with fabric and apparel and combining it into her graphic design practice.

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